Solo Travel Saved Me

I can’t say I understand why people don’t like to travel because people have told me me that before.  But I can understand why people do love to travel.

shayedmondsI mean, the views are to die for.

I took my first solo travel trip in 2016.  Before 2016, my lack of travel was filled with excuses to be honest.  I let others decide whether or not I would travel.  If someone could not get off work for a trip, could not afford a trip, or simply did not want to go on a trip then I would stay put.  I never thought I would take a trip anywhere.  I was constantly disappointed and always craving the need to go somewhere new.

I remember being unhappy and feeling stuck back in 2016.  That feeling got old real fast and I booked a flight to Vancouver, BC and left the next weekend.  Let me tell you that I was freaking out and a bit nervous, but I also had a indescribably good feeling of anxiety.

When I landed in Vancouver, I had so many thoughts rolling through my mind.  What would customs be like? What would driving in Canada be like even though they drive on the same side of the road as the US? Would I make any friends? Would I have fun? Would I regret travelling solo?

Through stepping out on faith, I made the best of my trip and everything was pretty perfect especially the weather and the fact that I stayed a block away from a Tim Hortons that I could walk to every day for an iced cappuccino. 😀

I drove up to Squamish, BC (about an hour or so north) and went on an incredible hike.  Whew!  Everything in me was scared when I parked the car at the park, but I as I kept hiking, the Enneagram 7 in me was peaking through (at the time I did not know a thing about Enneagrams, but it all makes sense now).

shayhikeFearlessly free in Squamish, BC

Vancouver became the first of many solo trips I took.  Conquering fear after fear, I travelled to Europe by myself a few times to include France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Ireland, United Kingdom, and the iceing on the cake was to Iceland (corny pun intended)!

I was also blessed to travel solo within the US to Washington, Utah, Illinois, New York, Florida, and so many more places.

I have seen a lot of this world with other people, but mostly just hand in hand with God.  By His grace, this has been possible and I could not be more thankful.

Who I was three to five years ago is not who I am today.  Solo travel led me to a lot of self reflection and realization as well as more self care and self love.

I have learned what I like and what I do not like.  I have learned more patience and how to say no when I am overwhelmed and that I can be selfish if necessary.  My confidence has built up as I have stepped completely out of my comfort zone to speak up to ask people to take my photos and to make new friends.  I find myself less stressed and able to encounter more and see more when I venture off by myself.  I can also now say that I am a brave person.  That being said, getting to know myself has been a real treasure; I am awesome 😉

But most importantly, I have been led closer to the Lord and there is nothing more important to me.

shayflowersWho says you can’t stop and smell the flowers?

If you are still too fearful to travel solo, start small.  Take a weekend trip to a city a few hours away, but challenge yourself to explore by yourself too.  See how you like it and then go from there!



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