New Updates, okay?!

Thank you for stopping by!

I have been blogging my travels for a couple of years now, but it is time that I made updates to my website. I wanted to revamp my site and not only share my travels, but also include my cooking and recipes! I will also include a bit more about my personal life and my journey through it.
If you don’t know me, I am Shay. I’m 28 and live in Texas. In my free time, I enjoy serving, reading, writing, cooking, listening to Beyoncé, and dancing. If it wasn’t obvious, I love to travel and I prefer to go solo. I have been to 22 countries and counting!

For 2020, I made a list of how I wanted to grow in various areas:

Work on getting closer to God, read the Bible daily, stop cussing, serve and volunteer as much as possible, write in my journal every day, eat cleaner and healthier (less fast food and if eating fast food, make better choices), workout at least three days a week, take medicine each day, call grandparents more, focus on being a Proverbs 31 woman/wife, be more open minded, work on patience, and remove negative people from my life.

Making the list and constantly reviewing it has helped me hold myself accountable.

What are you working towards in 2020?

Thanks for reading,


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