West Coast Dreamin’

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE the West Coast.  Washington and Oregon I love but especially California.  There is nothing like California especially since it never rains in the southern region.  🙂

I went to Los Angeles this past weekend because my mom wanted to go and enjoy herself for her birthday

IMG_6479How cute is my mom?

I’ve been to northern California all the way down to San Diego and have driven down Highway 101.  I love everything about this state (mostly).

I wanted to write this post because this state deserves a shoutout plus I wanted to talk about my favourite California city.  I have been debating between San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and I have picked a winner.  But first let me tell you what I love about each city:

San Diego: I love the California burritos (I am drooling as I type this) and I love the northern area of La Jolla.

La Jolla has a lot of hidden gems and caves near the water.  And I was ecstatic to find the “Secret Swings” in the middle of the city overlooking the ocean.

IMG_8227Am I the only one who thinks I deserve to be signed by Keds?

I like that San Diego was a slower version of Los Angeles and not too far but I also didn’t like that either (doesn’t make sense, I know).   A quick drive will take you to Tijuana, Mexico where tequila is authentic and comes in a variety of flavours (still in search of that peach we tried).

I liked that the shopping for “high end” and not as “high end” stores were in the same areas and near the best views off of the sunset cliffs.

I also love the availability of fresh sea food. You cannot beat that.

Los Angeles: Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams, NWA, and Dr. Dre are all of my arguments.

LA has a million airports and cheap flights to almost anywhere in the world if you can bear dealing with the LAX airport (*eye roll*).


And as a picky/limited eater, I love the variety of options of food I can have.  I can find pork free or dairy free food on any block and if I want vegan or vegetarian options too, that tends to be right next door.

IMG_6505Shoutout to the most affordable wine tasting I have been to at San Antonio Winery in central LA.

There is a ton to do in LA.  There are concerts and comedy shows every night but the issue is getting there.  The traffic is unmatched and absolutely awful.  LA has the worst traffic in the United States.

San Francisco: San Fran is the gay capital of the United States and I love it.  I love seeing support and inclusiveness for any historically oppressed group.  Plus the night life is incredible.

IMG_6536Napa Valley is right up the road…

San Francisco is a fast paced city (happy medium between LA and San Diego).  Home of Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory and the famous “Crookedest Street” (Lombard Street if you’re wanting to map it).


Golden Gate Bridge and The “Full House” house.

I like the history of San Francisco and how easy it is to transition from the city to the suburbs (to include the Google area).


When it’s all said and done, I love California as I have mentioned multiple times already. If I have to choose my favourite city then I am going with San Francisco.  My reasoning behind it is very simple: best of both worlds from LA and San Diego plus the wine and this city is the closest to the Redwood National Park which I still am dying to visit.

Honourable Mention to Santa Barbara because Santa Barbara.




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  1. Karyn Parker says:

    What a fabulous adventure!! You look gorgeous too!


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