Italy Taught Me

Before and after my Christmas 2018 trip to Italy, I spent a lot of time reflecting. Reflecting on who I was and who I could be. I always seemed to fall short on an answer.  I always seemed to fall short on what I wanted in life even though deep down I knew.
When I went to Italy, I realized I was falling short due to missing pieces of my life. I was yearning for a love I couldn’t have.  I was not sure what type of love I needed but Italy helped me piece myself back together.
Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy
Mountains of Tirano, Italy
Fortunately for me, I went to a country that exuded love and joy in more ways than one. I saw Venice, Rome, Milan, and Tirano and whether I needed love from travel or something else, I felt fulfilled.
From ravioli and gyros to canals and gelato…this trip was unreal to me.
And even through the smiles, I was able to capture the missing piece and
I am fortunate to be working towards bringing that hole back.
I’ll never stop dwelling on Italy.  But today I chose myself and I’m happy about that.
Italy, you’ll always have my heart.
Venice, Italy
I am looking forward and I am back in the light.
Slowly but surely, this will feel good.
Peace and love.


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