Hi, Houston

I went to Beyonce’s hometown of Houston for the first time in seven years.  I used to live in the area for a couple of years while I was working on my Bachelor’s degree before moving to the Dallas area.


My bestie Kenny and I went to the Truck Yard.  I did not realize we had one of these in Dallas.  It’s a cool bar, restaurant, and food trucks combined into a yard area.  I had BBQ nachos from Buttz Food Truck and of course I did not save a picture (*insert eye roll*).

We spent the day Saturday exploring art (which y’all know I love).  First stop was BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir:


We were able to go inside the temple and wear saris and lehengas to cover our bodies and we removed our shoes to show respect.  The temple was so peaceful.  It was an honour to soak in as much of the Hindu religion as I could.


I love this shot because my skin was glowing and I was killin’ it in that peach coloured dress.  However, I took this shot to showcase the meticulous detail of this stunning architecture.

We went to Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts and that was very refreshing and eye opening for me.  Every time I visit a city, I HAVE to go to museums.


The bamboo exhibit was awesome! There was a variety of bamboo pieces in different sizes held together by rope!  We were able to walk above the bamboo to get an unique experience.


Next to Jean-Michel Basquiat, I would say that Pablo Picasso is my second favourite artist.  There was a room on one of the floors in the museum dedicated to ALL Picasso art…ALL!!!  Needless to say I was in HEAVEN!


Outside of the museum is a smaller “Bean” at Houston’s very on “Cloud Gate.”  How cool!   I mean, Chicago’s is better, but this is nice too. 😛



Saturday night we went to Montrose!  Montrose is the neighbourhood with gay friendly bars and clubs.  We had a blast dancing and having drinks that night.  #LoveIsLove

Side Note: We ate at Frenchy’s which is the best fast food fried chicken there.  It was just like old times and there is nothing like the old times.



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