2018 Travel Goals

I never make New Year’s resolutions but I find it important to at least set your intent for the new year or for anything new in your life.  My intentions for 2018 are to travel more and discover different parts of the world.

I was once told, “If you want to be a writer then write every day, if you want to be a singer, sing every day” etc. so perhaps once day I will be travelling every day. 🙂

My list for 2018 is pretty lengthy but I figured, “Why not!”

My best friend and I are going to a few concerts this year so I already have plans to head to Nashville, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.

I am booked and excited for Amsterdam! Through all the pictures and stories, I cannot wait to see this country. I hope to see other European countries as well. I read a lot about taking the train to Belgium, France, and Germany so we will see.

A few other places I want to see are South America. One of my friends is backpacking there as you read so I plan to meet up with her at some point this year 🙂

We were supposed to go to Thailand last fall for my friend’s birthday so I hope this fall we make it.  And finally, I want to go to Havana!  I really wouldn’t mind going at the end of June for my birthday but I am not sure if Cuba is a place I want to venture to alone so who is down to come along?

Where else should I go this year?

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