Goodbye 2017

I am finally making time to write a post.

One of my 2018 goals is to blog more, but we can discuss that a bit later.

On another note, I wanted to take a look back at my favourite travels for the year.  This year for me was all about self discovery and self care.  I find that travelling really soothes my soul and eases my mind and gives me time to step back and reassess life.

I am blessed and forever grateful that I was able to go to so many beautiful places!


Can you really go to New Orleans if you don’t stop at Cafe Du Monde? This was my second trip to the NOLA but the first time I went was for my 21st birthday and forgive me if I do not remember too much from the trip 😛



San Francisco is always a charmer.  This time around, I was able to go on a boat tour and visit Alcatraz.



I am obsessed with wine. Napa Valley is a new favourite; I’ll blog more about this later. 🙂



This trip was super last minute!  I’m talking I booked my flight a week before I left for Vancouver, BC.  Up until this trip, I’d say Toronto was my favourite city in Canada but with city, suburb, and hiking, Vancouver tops the charts.  This shot was taken in Squamish, BC about an hour or so north of Vancouver on the Sky Pilot Suspension bridge at Sea to Sky Gondola.



Who would have thought you could zip line in Oklahoma City? Check out River Sport for more information.  You can white water raft too (among other things).



Phoenix was hot! For some reason we decided to go in July and it was 115 degrees. I’ve had layovers in this city before but I was surprised how artsy it was. 🙂 My favourite place was the Phoenix Art Museum which now carries a piece of art by my favourite artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.



When in Iceland, do everything! I had SO much fun there. I loved the Skogafoss waterfall (pictured above), the black sand beaches, yummy food, stunning scenery, beautiful men, and friendly people.


I can’t wait for 2018.  I’ll talk about my goals with you guys later.


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